I’m Monica and this is my family. I am blessed to be happily married and the mother of six precious blessings. We live on a small farm and I really enjoy the simple farm-life. We homeschool and are very passionate about doing so. We both teach music (guitar and piano) and enjoy singing. I enjoy farming, gardening, reading, teaching, and most of all, being a mother and wife to my family.

On my blog, I will share practical wisdom for simple mothering. Occasionally, I will share Just Talking posts which will share personal family life with photos.

I pray I can be an encouragement to mothers everywhere. I am not outspoken in public settings, so this is my outlet where I can openly share the burden of my heart and the wisdom God has given me for mothering.

I am just a vessel constantly being molded into the image of God.

I am a simple farm Mama.

I hope you will stay. Tell others about me if you like what you read. Check out my older blog: http://www.naturalmamaX4.blogspot.com.

Email me if you have a question or a private comment. http://www.simplefarmmama@gmail.com

God Bless and Happy Mothering!



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