A little bit of Busy

Every year around this time it seems the blogging “bug” bites me. The other times of the year, I guess it lets up.

Not sure on that one. But anyway, I think it’s all the life that is abuzz, a blooming, and a happening around here that makes me, well, want to share.

Here are a few photos from our week:

A thriving (so far) garden that, since this picture, has been weeded. Perhaps an “after” picture soon. By the way, have you ever had much success weeding potatoes? One can weed down the rows, but between the individual plants is difficult lest you weed up potatoes. Oops. Not that that has ever happened to me.

This week I focused on weeding the melons and replanting in the spaces where no melons showed up. I also weeded the rows of potatoes, which seem to be petering out. Lots of yellow showing up and no new growth. I foresee digging and canning in my near future.

That’s just about all the gardening I did this week other than plant some new flower seeds and weed and mulch the tomatoes (which, I might add, have nice size green beauties on them already). It’s been a dry week. I do all plowing by a hand plow and it does.not.behoove me to plow in dry weather.




Speaking of potatoes…and can I just say green onions are the handiest of all veggies one can have at her disposal (for human garbage disposals..eight of them to be exact)? They add so much flavor and color to boot. Not to mention the heavenly smell. Okay, maybe not everyone enjoys the smell of onions in the frying pan, but this mama does!



My husband and I wrapped up another year of music lessons by hosting our annual recital. It turned out great and we were so proud of our 23 students. However, this mama is glad to have a few Thursdays to play all day, and not on the piano either. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„
(Cake made by yours truly and probably I should type some sort of disclaimer as in I’m not a professional cake-ologist. But non-professional piano teacher and non-professional cake-ologist go pretty well together, don’tcha think?)



I could take an entire blog post and devote it to how I’ve been stirred (no doubt by my Heavenly Father who cares enough about me to stir within me what needs to be stirred, amen?) to take better care of my home, inside and out and work harder to keep it neat and tidy. A clean house should be cleaned to prevent messes, not to clean messes. ย I read that somewhere this week and about choked. It seriously killed me a notch or two. But how much rest could I experience, peace I could enjoy, if my home were *maintained* and not just in a constant state of surgery or recooperation. It’s so easy for me to put things off or wait till a more convenient season to take care of things.

Old Felix and I have something in common, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, I have been feeling an urgency to take care of things as they happen. Not put things off. Hang up my clothes when I take them off (no my kids aren’t the only ones–simple”guilty”mama), wipe up that water that spilled, or better yet, pick up the ice before it melts (busted), empty the trash when it’s at the limit (which ISN’T when the first item falls out of it–urm..), pick up things in the yard as I’m walking to feed the animals. Empty the chickens’ water as it gets a little dirty. Throw away empty feed sacks as opposed to letting them pile up (and not because I wanted to start a feed sack collection for hard timesย ๐Ÿ˜).

Clean off a white pantry shelf to display hopefully soon filled produce. Keep a table clear (kinda) of clutter. Enjoy my farm kitchen! It’s not a dream home but it’s God’s gift to me! Did you know we can trust God’s sovereignty also in our homes? He gave me THIS home to mind and for which to care. I’m really thankful for the renewed desire to care for my home. In caring for it, I’m glorifying Him.

(And to keep it imperfect I threw the broom down and left the trash unchanged. That’s what I’m sticking to anyway. ๐Ÿ˜)

Obviously, it was an “unstaged picture”. Keeping it real.

Blessings to you!

Simple Farm Mama



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