Part 2: Cooking when your energy levels are down


What does a mama do when her energy levels are down?

Part two: Cooking

Who wants to don the apron and man the skillet when she doesn’t feel well?

Probably, nobody.

However, we know that little tummies get empty extremely fast and mama must have a plan.

Especially if she doesn’t feel up to it.

Oatmeal is a really filling breakfast that you can cook up really fast (even in your crockpot the night before).

Don’t be scared of cereal during those times. Just be prepared to dish out snacks fifteen minutes after they eat. 😁

A loaf of bread (store bought during this time) is a mama’s friend when she isn’t up to par. Perhaps an older child can make toast or pour the cereal/milk for everyone.

Speaking of bread, sandwiches can usually be fixed with ease by an older child. Sandwiches make for an easy cleanup too! You can put them on a paper towel without worry.

Be prepared for times like these. On my last shopping trip our local grocery had Wonder bread (yeah, it was white. Shock.) 4 loaves for $5, so I bought the loaves and put them in my freezer. Since, I have had a battle with my asthma, coughing, and just this morning, the pink eye, I am going through the loaves at lightening speed. Boy, I am glad I bought the bread beforehand.

Leftovers. Considering you actually have leftovers, bring them out during lunchtime. Or, rather, have an older child bring them out during lunchtime. My kids actually enjoy getting to ‘run’ the kitchen. This is a relief to me!

How about snacks?
We don’t do snacks (other than just some fruit throughout the day) because they are too expensive and because my kids will eat more at mealtime. But, occasionally I will put random snacks in muffin tins and set them out on the table for snack-worthy boys and gals. My kids love when I do this! Also, in the past, when I have done snacks, I have tried the following and it worked well. The only thing to remember is have a set time they can get their snack, or let them know that when their Baggie is empty, that’s it.

Have a Ziploc bag for each child with their name on it. Fill it will snacks and put it in the fridge. At snack time, the child can just pull out his or her bag. You can put what you wish in there, but a carton of juice, chips, apple slices, raisin boxes, carrot sticks…all of those would do well in a Baggie.

You can fix those in the morning when your levels are up or have an older child to help you if the mornings are the worst (think: morning sickness).

Bless you.

During supper, your crockpot will be so handy to you that it may move everyone down on your friend list so it can be #1.

Or, you may move it up yourself.

Focus on quantity with few ingredients. Chicken and rice for example. Hamburger and cabbage soup. Potato soup. You know you can peel the potatoes while sitting. Now there’s a thought. Throw a roast or a frozen pork loin in there in the morning. Add potatoes, carrots, celery, and seasonings about an hour prior to serving.

Is it just me or do things just taste better from the slow cooker where they have been simmering all day and soaking up flavor?

Your crockpot can do wonders and it won’t require a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

And this is good news.
Next time, I will cover meeting the needs of your children when you just don’t feel like doing much. I’m so glad you are here reading.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you can think of other hints to add!

As for me, canning potatoes is on the agenda for today. I just can’t. Put. It. Off. Any. Longer.

Sure hope my energy levels cooperate! πŸ‘πŸ˜„


One thought on “Part 2: Cooking when your energy levels are down

  1. I’m having Monica Cooper withdrawls so I had to come to her blog to read about my precious friend! Love your laundry room! Looks great! πŸ˜„ Miss u friend!


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