No energy? What does a mama do?


What does a mama do when her energy levels are down?

Last week, I faced a week where my energy levels were laughable.

Actually, it was far from funny.

And no, I’m not pregnant. But I almost wish I had been so I would have had an excuse.

I think my issue stemmed from hormonal changes and also coughing 24/7, which brings about sore ribs and sparse sleep at night.

Yeah, that was probably it.

Life still goes on. There are things to do, places to go, and people to see.

Well actually, I tried to avoid that last option with ferociousness.

What does a mama do when she would rather be on the couch with her feet up than standing over a pile of dishes, again, and thinking about the pile of dirty laundry that needs to be dealt with.

Not to mention the pile of poop in someone’s very full diaper.

Tired. Exhausted. No energy.

Here’s some hints on rest for the busy mama.

focus on the necessities

Make the beds, keep the dishes washed, the trash taken out, and the laundry done.

Assign those to your helpers as much as possible.

Anything extra around the house, assign to your bigger helpers. Don’t take on any new projects during this time. Don’t feel badly about not taking on, working on or finishing up any projects.

Use your timer. If my house needs picking up and I am really tired, I will set my timer for five minutes to straighten, fifteen minutes to rest. Repeat throughout the day. Five minutes gets so much done. You will be amazed.

Productivity while resting

I’ve learned that I can be productive while resting. That’s right.

Sitting down and reading to your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Mama gets to rest and the children get to explore worlds unknown.

How’s that for rest?

Is there anything else you can do while sitting?

I can sit and mow grass. Last week, while probably not conducive to good respiratory health, I mowed grass so I could be productive while resting.

Obviously, I don’t push mow. 😉

I can also sit and drive. The kids had a little extra money leftover from the swingset they purchased so I promised them I would get them a little pool. So, even though it wasn’t my regular shopping day, or even regular shopping week, I drove to town to get them one. Our big town is about forty five miles away. Not a frugal choice, but I had accomplished something.

Some people knit or sew. Crafting is a good way to sit while being productive. My mother in law has really bad feet and legs, but she is a really hard worker. Sometimes she just really needs to rest for a good while. So, she quilts. Even though it is hard work, she is off of her feet and resting some.

Sitting down and homeschooling a child is a good way to rest without guilt.

How about just sitting down and cuddling a child? Taking a nap with a preschooler?

Sometimes we just need to sit down, kick our feet up, and drink a glass of sweet tea which is perfectly okay and should be welcomed!

In closing, welcome these times as a sign that your body needs to slow down and rest. Don’t fight it. You will compromise your immune system further.

Take care of your body, the temple.

Sweet rest.


Next time, I will address how to cook when one has no or low energy levels and how to handle the children during those times. Stick around.


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