laundry room reveal


My goal for this year is to go through everything in my house and put it in a proper place, whether that be the trash, the Salvation Army, or in a permanent spot. I aim to go through one room at a time and while doing so, check to see if I want to do any (read: very frugal) redecorating, repairing (hello, honey), and just get each room how I want it. The first room I drew out of the cup was the… laundry room (insert scary theme music).

Where it all happens, folks.

I had a few technical difficulties with getting this post up, but I am happy to report that I am done in the laundry room.

I am done de-cluttering.

Done repainting.

Done cleaning.

Done moving things.

One thing I’m not done with is washing clothes.

Is a Mama to six ever done with that?

As for now, the laundry room is finished.

I have been working on it since, um, March, and I’m ready to move on.

It is finally refreshing to do laundry in this room. Ah!

Here are some pictures to share:

(Keep in mind the following disclaimer. This is a back porch laundry room…think, old…so it’s not going to look like something from Farmhouse Gazette or anything)

(Not that there is such a specimen of magazine.)

Some Before love:


Yeah, I know.


Some After love:


A few things I did here: I removed the art work from behind the deep freezer and restored them to their original position, the wall. Somehow they had fallen behind there and it had been so long that I had to really clean them thoroughly. And they’re canvas. It was tough.

I spray painted the top of my very rusty deep freezer. Again. It is not a rust proof deep freezer, so I’m sure I will have to do it again and again. But, it holds a lot of good frozen veggies, meat, and fruit, and for now, it’s workable.

The sewing machine. Okay, we inherited this house from my husband’s precious grandmother and after we had been here a few years we decided to bring the sewing machine from the barn to the house. It had a lot of rodent damage and weather distress and really, I thought it would be best to just maybe, sorta, get rid of it. The audacity.

Enter sentimental husband. You can’t blame the guy. It’s his grandmother’s sewing machine. I really wanted it to work for us, somewhere, so I got the idea to take the machine out of the badly damaged sewing table (you will see when you scroll down in a moment) and display it.

…It so works! Okay, it doesn’t really work, but it looks great here.


I would love to move it to a more formal setting one day, but as for now, here she stays.

Another before, please!


So, what’s going on in this picture? A lot.



Besides the cutie being added, I bought the orange containers from the dollar store, used some old glass bottles to hold liquids, etc. I made a chalk “label” on them (see close up pic at top of blog post), cleared off clutter, bought a new rug to go in front of washer/dryer (dollar store) and I did buy a ‘scrub’ board from a local flea market. Just to add some scrub lub.


I do not have a picture of the scene that was directly in front of the washer/dryer (on the opposite wall), but it looked something like this: storage container times four or five with piles and piles of clothes on top that needed to be stored, sorted, culled, or thrown away.

Boy, I’m glad that’s over.

Don’t be fooled. It happens every two weeks. Someone outgrows something somewhere.

Anyway, remember the sewing table mentioned above? I decided to honor my dear husband’s request and keep it. At first I thought about using it as a table on which to fold clothes. Then, I just decided to put some herb pots on it. Here’s how it turned out:


It’s in bad shape, but I’ll tell you, I like it loads better than the random clothing storage containers lined up against this wall. This wall needed painting badly, so I finally got to it. Another one:


Directly to the right:


To paint, or not to paint? That is the question.




trying out things here.


Glad it’s done.


All in all, this project only cost around $30. That was for the rug, the containers (the orange and the white ones on the opposite side), the flea market scrub board, and some plant markers for my herb pots. The paint I already had, the blood, sweat, and tears I had that I didn’t know I had…and now it’s on to….

My Bathroom…

Bring. It. On.


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